All about erythematotelangiectatic rosacea

Rosacea is such a condition where the
skin looks reddish along with some pimples in it. The cheeks, nose and the
forehead is mostly affected by this kind of disease. The common subtype of
Rosacea is known as erythematotelangiectatic
rosacea. In this type of rosacea the facial redness is for a longer
duration. One can see the appearance of broken blood vessels below the surface
of the skin along with feelings like
intense burning, itching sensations and stinging. The disease affects both men
and women although it is three time more in women than the men. 

First stage of rosacea:

This is the first stage of rosacea
that has been given this name by the National Rosacea Society. One affected
with this type of chronic condition may experience sunburn like sensations on
their face. The people who have this type of ETR suddenly develop a very
sensitive skin that is hampered at the slightest of environmental and chemical
influences. This is a sort of permanent redness son the central part of the
face and the treatment of rosacea must start early from this phase in order to
prevent the further spread of the chronic condition.

Symptoms of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea;

The symptoms of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea are that the inflamated blood
vessels are seen through the skin and the superficial blood vessels also
appears to be dilated. Also one can experience red small bumps on their skin
and in some cases even a reddish lobulated nose is seen in most of the individuals
affected by this disorder. The skin becomes more dry and irritant and one can
experience flushing of the skin on their faces along with chest, scalp and
upper back regions. It is very important to go for proper treatment during this
stage of rosacea as delay in this phase may even lead to permanent facial
disfiguration. Signs of inflammation can spread up to neck and other areas of
the body if not checked during this phase. 


The causes of erythematotelangiectatic rosacea are extreme exposure to direct
sunlight, eating too much of spicy food, consuming alcohol, extreme wind of
cold weather and even emotional stress. One needs to find out the exact cause
of this condition before they go the physician for the best kind of treatments.
Even too much consumption of drugs, certain cosmetics and skin care products
along with certain food items may cause chronic condition in the human beings. 

The treatment;

You need to visit the doctor
immediately once you are sure with the symptoms of this phase of rosacea.
Follow all the medications that are provided by the physician for speedy
recovery from this condition. Also try to use skin care products that are
gentle and non soap cleansers which do not trigger the situation to make it
worse. Try to go for a patch test or a skin test before you use a skin care
product. Pulse light and radiofrequency devices can also help one to get rid of
this situation with the help of the technology called electro optical synergy.
This is one of the best way where the patients undergo full face treatments and
get the best results in this phase of rosacea. 

Besides all these it is advisable to
get rid of the triggers that cause this condition. Exposure to strong sunlight,
too much consumption of alcohol spicy food and even emotional stress can be
avoided to get rid of this phase of rosacea known as erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. Try to visit the doctor at the
earliest and get the best medical consultation to recover from this trauma that
is faced by your skin.