Pityriasis rosea treatment


Most health practitioners and physicians encounter the pityriasis rosea rash frequently, especially among younger people during the fall and spring. Mistaking pityriasis rosea with another condition is possible, and sometimes there is a need for tests to be performed in order to establish a diagnosis and pityriasis rosea treatment. This condition is mostly mistaken with impetigo and eczema. The rash of pityriasis rose cannot be cured nor prevented, and it generally resolves without need for drugs. This dermatological rash occurs commonly in young adults and children, and it usually begins with a big scaly red or pink spot on the back. After one or two weeks of the appearance of the spot, more spots will begin to appear on the legs, arms, neck and back; and rarely on the face of the patient. Those spots are very itchy. There are ways to stop the spots from itching and to allow them heal more quickly, and we will discuss some of them in this article.

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Oatmeal bath as a pityriasis rosea treatment

The oatmeal bath is traditionally recognized as an effective pityriasis rosea treatment. It promotes the healing and it eases the itching, so if you experience this condition it is good to buy oatmeal bath powder online or at the local drugstore. Draw a warm bath and put the packet of oatmeal powder for bath into the water. Thoroughly mix the water with your hands and soak the afflicted areas for twenty minutes in the bathtub. You may repeat this method as often as you feel it’s necessary in order to relieve the itching. Don’t expect the pityriasis rosea to go away right after the first treatment. This condition requires patience, but this traditional remedy is very helpful.

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Pityriasis rosea treatment with Hydrocortisone cream and Benadryl

You may rub the afflicted areas with hydrocortisone cream which you can purchase at any local drugstore. This kind of cream is used for preventing itching and allergies and it can help with the condition of pityriasis rosea. Rub a small amount (the size of a quarter) on the rash using your fingertips; and make sure that the hydrocortisone cream has been absorbed completely into the skin. You may repeat the process every few hours because it will help with the itching. The antihistamine drug called Benadryl is another effective pityriasis rosea treatment that reduces the redness and swelling and prevents the itching. Take one dose of Benadryl every four hours with a full glass of water. You will need to consult your doctor about taking this medicine.

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Pityriasis rosea treatment: lie in the sun

You should use the sun and use it as another effective pityriasis rosea treatment. Exposing the rash of pityriasis rosea to the UV rays can be beneficial. However, you should contact your doctor before doing that if you have sensitive skin that reacts badly to sun exposure. If you cannot stop the itching no matter what measure you take, you will need to consult with your doctor. The doctor may prescribe you a cream which will prevent the itching until the rash heals. This prescription isn’t likely to make the rash heal faster, but it may make you feel more comfortable during the process of healing. If you experience fever as another symptom, you will need to contact a doctor immediately!

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